Week 6: Finish Strong

The last week of the challenge is here!  You've added the tools to be successful. Over the last 5 weeks we've:

  • Set Goals
  • Connected to the community
  • Found ways to bring back play to our lives
  • Practiced balance
  • Tried something new

This week we finish STRONG!  In light of current circumstances, the STRONG Facebook group will continue on.  Tell your friends, family and others to jump in to the Challenge and let's keep this going!



Winners are picked randomly from all challengers, but it does help to get noticed in the Marshall Area STRONG Challenge facebook community. 

Bryan Peralta              STRONG T-shirt
Carole Jones               STRONG T-shirt
Brad Gruhot               STRONG T-shirt
Rachelle Deutz            STRONG T-shirt
Trey Sachs                 STRONG T-shirt
Bayley Pooler              STRONG T-shirt
Monique Konrad          STRONG T-shirt
Jacki Johnson              STRONG T-shirt
Jeff Pooler                  STRONG T-shirt
Theresa Kerkaert        STRONG T-shirt

**All prizes come with a YMCA Guest Pass. Prizes can be picked up at the Marshall Area YMCA contact areak@marshallareaymca.org with your shirt size.


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