Summer Camp Information Form

We are excited to see you are interested in registering for Summer Camp at the Y!  The following form will assist us with information we will need to make your child's experience at camp an epic one!  Completing this form is the first step in registration.  Payment and registering for exact camp dates and camp level will happen after submitting this form.
Please complete a separate form for each child attending for our camper records.


Emergency Care Authorization

I do hereby consent & authorize Marshall Area YMCA staff to take any & all action, including use of emergency medical transportation, medical services, & hospital facilities as they deem appropriate in the event my child should become ill or otherwise injured under the care of the Marshall Area YMCA. 

Authorization to Participate

The following must be answered to grant permission for certain camp activities.

General Waiver

I understand that any medical expenses resulting from any illness or injury my child may incur while attending this YMCA program are my responsibility.  I understand that the Marshall Area YMCA is not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of false information given by a parent or guardian.

Emergency Contacts and Authorized Adults

The following persons are emergency contacts and are allowed to sign out my child (listed above)

Payment Options

Camp weekly payments are due the Monday prior to the week of camp.  For example - Week 2 camp begins on June 11, fee for that week is due June 4 and automatic draft will be pulled on June 4. *Please see the Parent Information form for cancellation policies*

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