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Flip and tumble into Gymnastics!

Gain confidence, stay active, and have fun in gymnastics. With three different groups, this program is great for all ages and experience levels!

Tumbling Tots

Ages 2-3 with a parent

This class is for those with little or no class experience. We will learn the very basic elements of gymnastics as we increase our skills and have a blast doing it.

March 6 -  April 10 Mondays 6:00 - 6:30 pm
Members: $35 | Non-Members: $50 



Ages 3-4

In this group, emphasis is placed on gross motor skills and an introduction to tumbling, bars, and beam. It's great for children with little or no experience.

March 6 -  April 10 Mondays 6:35 - 7:05 pm
Members: $35 | Non-Members: $50 



Ages 5-10

While accommodating for the skills of each child, this group will focus on beam, springboard, and bars. We will also learn beginner and advanced skills including handstands, headstands, bridges, summersaults, cartwheels, and round offs.

March 6 -  April 10 Mondays 7:10 - 7:55 pm
Members: $35 | Non-Members: $50